Commercial Community Projects

CCTV, ANPR, Internet and Reports

OneTek Business Solutions is your one-stop shop for providing 4 of the essential requirements any well-functioning business community needs. Whether you are a tenant occupying a business premises or a landlord managing an estate, security, access and fast and reliable internet connectivity are vital and can contribute significantly to success.

Dependable Business Services for Happy and Successful Tenants

If you’re the tenant trying to run and grow your business, you need to know it’s safe and secure and in a business environment which continues to rely more and more on the internet, you need to know you can depend on your connection.

Providing assurances and services businesses depend on is a huge plus for any landlord wanting happy and successful tenants and for attracting new incoming tenants as units become vacant.

Building a Secure and Connected Business Community with OneTek’s Fiber and Wireless Network

The business community networks we provide are built using the latest fibre technology combined with cutting edge wireless, this network will be the foundation on which we will deliver ultra-fast broadband across the area.

This also enables us to provide the latest AI based CCTV and area usage reports through our advanced ANPR technology, giving occupants and visitor’s peace of mind along along with detailed reports of how the area is utilised by visitors.

Enhancing Tenant Services and Saving Money with OneTek Expertise

If you’re a landlord considering making the above services available to your tenants and charging this as part of the annual service charge or you’re a tenant who sees the obvious advantages of bringing your commercial neighbours together in order to improve security, access and internet, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

OneTek have the experience and expertise to provide improvements whilst saving you money.

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