Internet Connectivity

OneTek build our own internet connections and resell select partner connections

The link from your business, to the world!

Internet connectivity is now arguably the most critical part of your business, particularly if you adopt modern working practice.

Broadband Types

Dial Up

Some may remember the squealing noises made by this outdated technology, gone but not forgotten.


A monumental jump forwards, now considered a curse if this is the only option.

FTTC – Fiber To The Cabinet

A simple advance over ADSL by moving the equipment closer to your house. Not actually fibre!


The first consumer grade fibre connection right into your building. Another giant leap forwards from FTTC and this time actually using fibre.

OneTek Local Fibre

Built by OneTek to solve problems for communities with poor coverage from other ISPs.

Leased Lines

The gold standard of internet connections, built for reliability and capable of far exceeding consumer broadband speeds.

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As a supplier agnostic service provider, OneTek source the best solutions from a wide range of partners so there is always an option.

Suitable for your business

OneTek consider the wider uses and implications for your business. Broadband alone may not be the best solution to your business needs.

Have Questions?

Please call OneTek to discuss your requirements. We will walk through your goals and current limitations and provide an unbiased recommendation.

OneTek do not just use the traditional service providers, where there is no alternative options, OneTek will explore building something suitable. Cultivating relationships with several ‘Alt Net’ builders, we can explore a larger solution to help many more people in your area.

We can resell other providers connections, such as BT Fibre and Virgin Media. Our best broadband comes from the networks we build ourselves, where we do not have coverage in your area we can source the best solution from our delivery partners.

Sometimes there are several things attached to your internet line, such as remote connections into the office. As an IT Solution Provider, OneTek can seamlessly bridge the gap with your incumbent IT Support or offer a fully managed switchover, where we take care of all the required changes. Completely pain free.

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