Managed Networks

Modern IT systems are constantly changing

Modern IT systems are constantly evolving. Whether it’s allowing you to keep in touch with your customers and suppliers via email, instant messaging and video conferencing or providing an online work area for your teams to collaborate and share resources, your company’s computer network and WIFI connection plays a pivotal role in the day to day operation of your business.

Don’t underestimate the importance of having a stable fast network – it could be the factor that keeps your business ahead of the competition. Slow or inconsistent connectivity can lead to frustration, delays in work and even loss of business opportunities.

What We Offer

OneTek take all the hassle and headaches away from you by fully managing your essential networks. Utilising the latest equipment and technology, OneTek provide remotely monitored and managed networks that keep your data moving, keeping you in touch with your customers, suppliers and colleagues. For those occasions where a problem does arise, OneTek will swiftly address and fix the issue to minimise disruption to your business, usually remotely, reducing site visits and fix times.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes need a robust network infrastructure to focus on agility and scalability and allow for growth. OneTek can provide your business with a tailored Managed Network service that’s dependable, will keep your data moving and maintain connections critical for your business.

Hardware & Software


Offering expert advice, service and support designed to meet the needs of your business, designed to minimize disruption and maximize supportability.


We have refined the ‘recipe’ of the most resilient hardware that requires minimal support input. Utilising a variety of hardware vendors, we select the appropriate equipment to suit your business, resulting in minimal support without disruptions.

Earned Experience

Your business will benefit from decades of hard-earned technology experience, allowing OneTek to specify the most appropriate hardware for your business needs. Our goal is to install once and not visit the hardware again for years, providing you with maximum up time.

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