Private Commercial Building – Ultra Fast Fiber Network

Collaboration with the Landlord to create a technologically superior environment, helping tenants thrive.

Speeds over 500mbps for all tenants, networks designed and installed to support those speeds and multi gigabit in the future.

Dozens of tenants in the currently developed areas of the site. Full fiber networks deployed.

Site CCTV centralisation.


Existing suppliers had no appetite to invest into the building

Fiber To The Cabinet best available in the area @ 70mbps down

Increasing confusions with the existing internal wiring were making it difficult to connect tenants to reliable broadband.

Tenants were being put off by the lack of modern, high end, affordable connectivity options.


Fiber network was the obvious choice, with support from the government

OneTek deployed ultra fast fiber around the building, providing speeds over 900mbps.

Many customers were provided with complimentary advice during the installation and as an ongoing service.

The fiber network supports internet based telecoms solutions, such as hosted 3CX.

Ultra fast connectivity, built using the most modern technology seamlessly connected tenants to their business during the covid pandemic.


A reliable ultra fast fiber network creates a hub for business

Connectivity is a crucial element of any business center, removing that worry allows tenants to invest into new technologies.

In turn, new commercial relationships can flourish ensuring maximum occupancy in the building. Everybody succeeds.


Keeping pace with changing technology trends

Through an ongoing engagement with the businesses in a well run building, OneTek can provide more than just a connectivity service. We can use our extensive experience to introduce the right technology solutions.

Often the limiting factor to wide acceptance of new technologies are connectivity limitations. Remote working has turned into a long term prospect, everybody has been forced to adopt new technologies but it has not been a smooth ride for all.