Private Commercial Building – Ultra Fast Fiber Network

Through a collaborative effort with the Landlord, we have created an environment that seamlessly blends technology and innovation to empower tenants and foster their growth and success.

All tenants can enjoy lightning-fast speeds of over 500mbps with a future-proof network designed to seamlessly support multi-gigabit connections.

Numerous tenants have already occupied the developed areas of the site, accompanied by the deployment of comprehensive fiber networks.

Fiber networks are also employed for the centralization of site CCTV systems.


Existing suppliers had no appetite to invest into the building

Fiber To The Cabinet was the best available in the area @ 70mbps down.

The mounting confusions surrounding the internal wiring were posing a challenge in bridging tenants to a dependable broadband connection.

Potential tenants were deterred by the absence of affordable, modern, high-end connectivity options.


A fiber network was the obvious choice, with support from the government

OneTek has deployed high-speed fiber optic infrastructure throughout the building, delivering blazing-fast internet speeds exceeding 900mbps.

Numerous customers received complimentary IT advice during the installation process and as part of our ongoing service.

The fiber network facilitates internet-based telecommunications solutions, including the utilisation of hosted 3CX services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, ultra-fast connectivity, powered by cutting-edge technology, seamlessly linked tenants to their businesses. This ensured uninterrupted operations and facilitated efficient communication throughout the crisis.


A robust and lightning-fast fiber network serves as a central hub, fostering business growth and innovation.

Having a solid connectivity is super important for any business center. When you remove that worry, it lets tenants invest in new technologies without any hesitation.

New commercial relationships can thrive, leading to maximum occupancy in the building. And when everybody’s on board, success is inevitable!


Keeping pace with changing technology trends is critical to success

With our steadfast commitment to fostering lasting relationships with businesses in well-maintained establishments, OneTek goes beyond providing a mere connectivity service. Drawing upon our vast expertise, we deliver tailored technological solutions that are perfectly aligned with your needs.

Connectivity limitations often pose as a hindrance in the widespread adoption of new technologies. The shift towards remote working has become a long-term reality, requiring everyone to embrace new technologies. However, it hasn’t been a seamless journey for everyone involved. With an ever-growing number of devices and applications, keeping pace with the changing technology trends is critical for success.

That’s why we strive to provide innovative solutions that cater to the evolving requirements of your business. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping you make sense of this fast-paced digital world and reap its rewards. We can help you build a solid foundation.