Gadbrook Park enjoys cutting edge CCTV & ANPR coverage

OneTek expands the capabilities further with 4k panoramic coverage


The Gadbrook BID Board have utilised OneTek’s CCTV & ANPR Solutions for over 6 years

Whilst the system provided a good level of visability, there were issues with PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras missing some incidents.

Whilst the PTZ cameras allowed for full 360 degree visability, they could only be looking in one direction at a time.

Automated timed tours alleviated the issue to a degree, though constant movement increased wear on the cameras resulting in higher failure rates.


Panoramic 4k Cameras were deployed

Each location that has a failed PTZ camera is replaced by a static camera with 4 independent lenses.

Each lens provides a 4k stream and can be independently positioned around the 360 degree track.

The combination of static, panoramic positioning and high 4k resolutions maximizes retrospective evidence recovery.


Quantity and Quality of evidence recording increases significantly

Each failed PTZ replaced with a panoramic camera increases the visibility at that location by four times.

That additional coverage allows the deployment of further, AI based monitoring technologies.

Gadbrook Park now has the foundation for an intelligent CCTV solution that uses modern machine learning techniques to assist the human monitoring agents.


Deployment of AI based ANPR and Security Monitoring

Using the latest machine learning technology, OneTek are able to increase ANPR accuracy and expand the computer vision based detection.

By teaching the system to detect irregular behaviors, such as a person climbing through a window at night, these types of intelligent monitoring systems promise to augment the human security element.

Able to remain highly accurate without needing a break or ever feeling fatigued, automated security monitoring reduces the expectations of the humans monitoring the system. Instead relevant events can be brought to the attention of the operator allowing them to react appropriately to events as they occur.