Homestyle enjoy fast reliable internet for many yeas from OneTek

Lockdown dramatically changes the needs of the business!


Outdated, office based systems limited remote working options

A potential attack on the systems during lockdown ground the business to a halt.

With many outdated and unsupported systems in place, finding the source of issues was almost impossible.

Day to day operations became paper based, increasing pressure on the team at an impossible time during lockdown.


Whilst staff were at home, we transformed the business systems

Working closely with the business owner, OneTek were able to upgrade all network switches, servers and PC’s.

OneTek reverse engineered an old java based system allowing it to be migrated to a freshly built server.

A cloud based backup and cloud phone systems were installed, ensuring business data was safe and any building issues would not affect day to day operations.


Homestyle were able to come out of lockdown stronger

Old repetitive problems are gone, instead replaced with conversations about the future needs of the business growth.

Reverse engineering the old systems enabled OneTek to provide instant report visibility that was previously difficult to get.

Technology is now a useful tool, not the chain around the neck of the business holding back progress.


Using Technology to strengthen supplier & customer relationships!

Through the implementation of a new ERP system, Homestyle can significantly increase the degree to which their systems interact with their supplier and customer systems.

New web based portals for customers will transform the administrative effort required to process orders, greatly increasing the capacity of the team and reducing the potential for errors.