The Manchester Buddhist Centre struggled with slow broadband

OneTek utilise the DCMS Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme to deploy Ultra Fast Fiber


The Manchester Buddhist Centre could only source copper based internet connectivity.

All the mainstream service providers could only offer speeds up to 70mbps.

There were no plans to deploy faster connection options in the area.

Businesses within the Buddhist Centre were struggling to function, often having slow downs or even intermittent disconnections.


Ultra Fast Fiber deployed throughout the building

Each business within the main building, and the Buddhist Centre itself, were eligible for vouchers to cover install costs.

OneTek arranged all vouchers with DCMS and installed ultra fast fibre internet in and around the building.

OneTek also deployed WIFI throughout the Buddhist Centre to allow businesses and visitors to enjoy ultra fast, free guest WIFI.


Problems disappear overnight

Businesses in the centre immediately noticed significant speed improvements.

Internet connectivity is now only a tool used to do their main work, no longer a significant obstacle

The centre can now offer ultra fast fibre to all tenants and ultra fast guest WIFI around the whole centre.


Happy tenants, new revenue streams!

Cutting edge connectivity has released the centre from issues holding them back.

Businesses are now exploring new sources of revenue to help recovery from the pandemic.

OneTek are currently in discussions regarding a modern cloud hosted phone system and video conferencing system. This will reduce costs, enhance communications and bring additional revenue into the centre

If you would like to find out more about the Manchester Buddhist Centre then please take a look at their website