OnBar struggle with CCTV failures potentially impacting their licence

As a current OneTek customer, OnBar have options others do not…


Old CCTV system using coaxial cables were constantly failing

Cheap cameras combined with old coaxial cabling often created significant gaps in the CCTV coverage

Even when the cameras were online, the quality was low limiting the usefulness of footage.

New systems represented a significant investment, coming out of the Covid lockdown limited the available capital.


OneTek deploy a cloud managed high resolution CCTV system

OnBar are able to pay a monthly operational cost covering all equipment and recording storage in the cloud.

Each camera streams footage into the OneTek cloud where OnBar can use mobile apps or web browsers to view the cameras and recordings.

Each camera is deployed using the latest networking technologies, working seamlessley alongside the till, PDQ and guest WIFI systems.


Greater coverage around the building, high quality recording and full maintenance support.

OnBar no longer worry about internal CCTV issues affecting their licence.

The system is deployed as a modular solution which can be expanded as required.

OneTek provide remote and on site support for any camera issues.