GleeFI Ultra Fast Fiber Broadband & WIFI

M.E.N “Fastest In Europe”


Businesses in the Gay Village area of Manchester struggled during the PRIDE festival due to poor internet connectivity.

Critical payment systems failed as they relied on good broadband and WIFI to be able to take payments.

4G was redundant due to the number of devices in the area.


Existing suppliers had no answers, there were no other options.

OneTek designs a fiber network to deploy into the entire Village alongside a powerful WIFI network across all the streets.

They deploy the network just in time for PRIDE 2018, connecting thousands of revellers to ultra fast WIFI. Most importantly, the businesses had no issues with payments.


GleeFI exceeded expectations

Demonstrating how technology can be deployed to provide what the M.E.N. described as the “Fastest WIFI in Europe” and fiber broadband speeds over 900mbps.

All within a commercial model built with the people in a community who collectively provide new options to all businesses.


How fast can WIFI go…?

We have seen some impressive 600mbps speed tests from the GLeeFI network, though we think it can be faster…

Have we reached a point where internet speeds are about to make a step change?…

As the architects of our future towns and cities, we get to create solutions that we want to have in those spaces.