Newsteam migrated to a 3cx phone system 2 weeks before lockdown

Business doubles in Size during lockdown


Call centre business sought to migrate to a more capable hosted phone system.

Current phone system did not provide functionality or reporting at a suitable level.

Approximately 40 users, all office based using desk phones.

Business was fully dependant on the office location with mobile forwards as a contingency plan.


Hosted 3cx was deployed with softphones and headsets

USB noise cancelling headsets, connected to softphones installed onto the PC’s provides a seamless hosted call center solution.

The 3cx reporting module allows full access to monitor and manage a busy call center environment.


Business Grows at Unprecedented Rate

Adopting a modern cloud based phone system positioned them to maximise on the surge of newspaper deliveries during lockdown.

Whilst competitors struggled to accommodate social distancing with on-premise phone systems, they easily increased the call centre capacity with at home workers.

They were able to seamlessly adapt to modern working practices, enjoying the best of both office based space and home working. Introducing 3cx has released the business from traditional telecoms constraints allowing the  business to dynamically adjust to extraordinary world events.


Deployment of Googles Speech to Text Transcription

3cx as a base phone system is a formidable solution, in combination with AI based cloud services such as Googles Speech to Text, voice conversations transform into searchable business data.

Incoming voicemails can be time consuming to review. By funneling incoming calls into their relevant departments and requesting users leave specific information such as name and address, Googles Transcription services turn those voicemails into a text log of the message.

The message logs can then be integrated into a workflow by separating transcription text into different areas for the correct team to action. Rather than listen to minutes worth of messages, the agent can simply scan the transcript for the relevant information significantly reducing the time required to process voicemails.