Terrace invest in Ultra Fast Fibre & WIFI for post Covid reopening

Full WIFI Coverage, Managed Network and Gigabit Fibre support new table ordering app


Covid closed the hospitality industry, new legal requirements make them dependent on technology.

Terrace closed in March 2020, along with all other bars, pub and restaurants across the UK and the world.

Many owners faced unprecedented uncertainty for the future of their businesses, but had to try something in the hope of reopening.

As talk of opening dates starting happening, it was clear there would be significant additional requirements for track and trace and contactless ordering.


In typical Mancunian spirit, Terrace worked like crazy to invest in improving the bar, ready for reopening.

New social distancing tables were installed, space dividers and previously unused land was repurposed to maximise space.

A full new managed network was installed, with WIFI coverage throughout the building. A connection to OneTek’s Northern Quarter Fibre was installed providing gigabit internet speeds.

Terrace was able to implement contactless table service using apps, new tills were installed to receive orders and customers provided free guest WIFI that is many times faster than most of their home internet connections.


Terrace opened and was able to track and trace with customers enjoying table service

The preparation and work put into the Bar meant new systems were adopted with minimal disruption. This allowed the Terrace team to get back to work and focus on dealing with a very different, socially distanced world.

The remote management capabilities of the network means any problematic devices can be identified and resolved remotely.

Where previously bar staff often found themselves fighting network problems, they now can focus on service.


It will take time for hospitality to recover to pre-covid levels, every edge counts!

By carefully selecting the best improvements to implement during lockdown, Terrace have been able to not just survive these crazy times, but improve the bar.

As the world emerges from the threat of Covid, every hospitality business is looking to maximise their share of customers. With some of the fastest free WIFI available, Terrace has become an attractive venue for an increasingly connected young customer base.