Ville Hotel struggles to source fast, reliable broadband

OneTek’s GleeFI Ultra Fast Fibre provides the perfect solution


Ville Hotel had been forced to pay top prices for limited broadband speeds

The slow internet connection coupled with an outdated internal network was causing problems for guests.

Coverage around the Hotel was patchy, with guests regularly complaining of no WIFI coverage.

At peak times, the Hotel WIFI would become overwhelmed.


Ultra Fast Fibre was installed into the Hotel

A fully managed internal network was deployed, with multiple new WIFI units throughout the building.

Each WIFI unit is located to provide maximum coverage, with each unit capable of connecting hundreds of guests.


Seamless coverage throughout the building, Ultra Fast WIFI Speeds

Ville Hotel now enjoys a cutting edge internal network design with several of the latest ultra fast WIFI units.

Capable of providing speeds over 500mbps to hundreds of simultaneous users, guest now compliment the WIFI rather than complain.

With a fully managed network and ultra fast broadband, Ville Hotel no longer concern themselves with WIFI worries. Instead Ville’s guests enjoy world class WIFI each time they visit.