Technology Consultation

OneTek provide a technology expert to help guide you to a suitable and successful solution

Technology experts to help you find & implement the right solution.

Introducing a new technology solution into your business can provide huge enhancements. Poorly planned or incorrectly specified deployments can cripple a business. OneTek provide experienced engineers to support you throughout the process.

What do OneTeks consultations cover?

IT Solutions

Your desktop PC’s, servers, mobile devices & Office 365

Systems Integration

Automatically link systems to automate business processes

Software Development

Websites, integration applications and bespoke software solutions

Project Management

Rigorous planning to coordinate all parties for successful delivery

How does this fit into my business?

SME IT Solutions

Migrating to Office 365, upgrading old hardware, setting up your new venture, looking to reduce costs or just looking for a review of your network. OneTek provide unbiased advice to plan your project and select the best solutions. We will take you through the process from start to finish, drawing on our extensive partner network where required to exceed your expectations.

Cloud computing has dramatically shifted the playing field for IT within businesses. No longer do you need to be tethered to a single location. By implementing the correct Comms and infrastructure solutions your business can be totally dynamic, adapting to whatever challenge you face in an increasingly extreme world.

System Integration

As your business evolves, it’s easy to end up with multiple systems that require human effort to ‘link’ together your business process. That human intervention usually creates a delay and is always liable to human error.

Plugging the gaps in your processes by linking systems together, OneTek can deliver huge real world time savings. As well as being much faster than a human, automation also significantly reduces errors that human interactions introduce.

OneTek will provide a process review consultation and make recommendations for solutions that can be introduced. Once agreed, OneTek will take you through the whole design and implementation process.

Software Development

Sometimes, the solution your business needs cannot be bought off the shelf. OneTek can help by building bespoke solutions to solve your issue. This is particularly relevant where businesses have older systems that they still rely on, but which are no longer updated or supported.

OneTek can create custom software solutions to add modern functionality to legacy or hard to integrate solutions.

Project Management

Changing your business systems is always a challenge. Disruption caused by those changes can have a significant impact on your day to day business if not managed correctly.

OneTek provide project management services to aide in the implementation of your new system or hardware. As we are a technical company, we can provide much more detailed support to the suppliers who are implementing your solution.

By learning how your business functions day to day, OneTek can coordinate supplier and staff interactions to ensure day to day business continues AND your project is delivered successfully on time.

What now?

Book a free initial consultation, OneTek will meet with you to discuss your requirements then provide a summary report with estimations for delivering your solution.

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