The Exciting Possibilities of Community Fibre Networks

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Fast and reliable internet connectivity has always been crucial to businesses, especially those in digital industries that require seamless connectivity for their day-to-day operations. Unfortunately, poor internet connectivity is still an issue in some parts of the UK, hindering business operations and economic progress. However, a community project called GleeFI Ultra Fast Fibre, is taking steps to solve this problem in the Gay Village area of Manchester, bringing businesses and residents together to pool resources and solve their poor internet connectivity. This project has made a huge impact on the community and sparked a new way of thinking about community networks, as they are now seen as a valuable resource in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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OneTek, the organization behind the GleeFI Ultra Fast Fibre, is a technology firm that specializes in deploying fiber networks in communities. They undertook this project to help the businesses and residents in the area, and its success has raised questions about why there are still so many areas in the UK with poor connectivity or expensive bandwidth. The solution highlights how businesses and communities can work together to find solutions to common problems.

The GleeFI project also includes a free public WIFI network that is said to be one of the fastest in Europe. This has raised questions about the availability of free WIFI in dense urban spaces. The network has not only benefited businesses but also the wider community, enhancing connectivity and promoting social inclusion. The free public WIFI network shows that technology can be used to help solve social issues, and it highlights how community networks can positively impact the lives of residents.

OneTek has continued to develop the project, with a recent upgrade to 10,000 Megabit speeds. But this community network has the potential to serve greater purposes beyond internet connectivity. The recent explosion in the Internet of Things (IoT) has positioned these networks as data superhighways that can enable true integration of services. Community networks can become the backbone of truly smart places that offer enhanced services and experiences for residents and businesses.

The possibilities of what can be accomplished through community networks are endless. With the emergence of IoT, these networks can be used to enhance healthcare, automate processes, and reduce waste. It could also lead to the development of autonomous vehicles and smart homes.

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The GleeFI Ultra Fast Fibre project is an excellent example of how communities can work together to find solutions to their problems. The project’s success has highlighted the importance of community networks in enhancing connectivity, promoting social inclusion, and fostering economic growth. Additionally, the project demonstrates the potential of community networks in the era of IoT and smart places. Community networks have the potential to revolutionize the way we interact with each other and the world around us. The possibilities are endless, and it is exciting to see how these networks will continue to develop and positively impact our lives in the future.

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