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The West Chester

OneTek have completed deployment of the new CCTV & ANPR system recently commissioned by the BID.

The West Chester BID have selected OneTek to deploy an extensive CCTV & ANPR system across the West Chester Business Estate.

This new system provides 24/7 CCTV coverage of the area, greatly enhancing security and providing a platform to deploy some exciting new technology.

14 Locations have been equipped with panoramic CCTV cameras, which each has four cameras built in. The three main point of entry to the estate is equipped with ANPR cameras to log number plates of vehicles entering and leaving the area.

Read about the West Chester BID here:

Crazy Stats!

CCTV & ANPR Cameras
Hours of rolling footage
Vehicle Movements Per Month
Gigabytes of Hi-Res Video

Bringing Three Cheshire Estates under one secure umbrella

For the last ten years, we have been providing a similar CCTV & ANPR security system to other Cheshire industrial estates. Through that pedigree, we have honed our approach to provide the maximum coverage per pound spent. That joined up approach means each estate benefits from the economy of scale and the ability to deploy new technology, which may otherwise have been out of reach.

Winsford Industrial Estate

Over 10 years we have been a critical link in protecting our Estate, providing essential CCTV & ANPR data to law enforcement.

Gadbrook Park

Installed in 2015, the Gadbrook BID has been protected via our CCTV & ANPR. Early adopters of the new panoramic CCTV cameras in a recent upgrade.

Lee Donaghey

Managing Director

As a self confessed ‘techie’, I have to admit I am excited with what we can create on the West Chester Estate. Whilst the original brief was to deliver a CCTV & ANPR solution, I am already thinking beyond that. This is a platform to create something much more capable, a truly SMART Estate.

The ANPR (Number Plate Recognition) is an early implementation of AI, allowing a computer to detect number plates in moving images. The latest generation of Computer Vision is capable of so much more than just that. By combining that technology with the high resolution cameras, we can gain much more insight into the estate.

Some early ideas will see us deploying Air Quality sensors alongside the cameras to monitor the environment we work in. Joining that to much more detailed information about how vehicles use the estate will provide crucial information to planners.

Thank you for placing your trust in OneTek!

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