Winsford 1-5 BID select OneTek to expand CCTV system

OneTek have operated the system for almost ten years now, growing the system from the initial 3 PTZ (Pan Tilt Zoom) cameras to the current 5 camera system with two ANPR cameras. Even with the additional cameras, it has proved difficult to capture every incident on the estate due to the movement of the PTZ cameras.

Following consultations with OneTek, a design was created that would see the PTZ cameras phased out and replaced by static panoramic cameras. Those cameras provide 4 fixed views around each location with continuous recording allowing the monitoring company to review all angles near an incident.

The new system will see 40 new cameras deployed to ten locations. That is an increase of 35 cameras with 5 new locations representing a significant increase in the CCTV coverage.

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