Commence Winsford

OneTek have begun deployment of a cutting edge CCTV & ANPR upgrade across Winsford Industrial Estate.

The Winsford 1- 5 BID selected OneTek to deploy an extensive update to the existing CCTV system. We have maintained the current system for the last ten years, continually upgrading the system to meet the security requirements of the estate.

The existing system was limited by aged technology. The old cameras are currently being replaced with new panoramic cameras, which provide full 360 degree views.

Impressive Stats!

CCTV & ANPR Cameras
Hours of rolling footage
Vehicle Movements Per Month
Gigabytes of Hi-Res Video

Built on 12 years of technical innovation

Over the last 12 years, we have been deploying an extensive network across Winsford Industrial Estate. That network is built using the latest fiber technology alongside cutting edge wireless. Our network is the foundation to provide Ultra Fast broadband across the estate, and build this CCTV monitoring solution, as a starting point…

Our Community

Over 10 years we have been a critical link in protecting our Estate, providing essential CCTV & ANPR data to law enforcement.

Your Business

Through that same network we have enabled businesses to maintain and grow their online connectivity, now critical for all businesses.

Our Winsford Origin Story

Testing Our WIFI Broadband

The BID had been regularly inundated with complaints about the poor broadband provision across the estate, following several conversations with existing providers no solutions were forthcoming. We had started selling broadband within Meridian House early in 2010. OneTek quickly experimented with emerging WIFI technologies to find a solution. In Q3 2011 we beamed our first 10Mbps connection a mile down the estate providing a reliable and fast (at the time) internet connection.

Lee Donaghey

Managing Director

Winsford Industrial Estate is more than just a place of work, I have ‘grown up’ here in a business sense. From my first visit back in 2007, this estate has allowed me to expand my horizons, emboldening me to keep pushing the limits I impose on my ideas.

In the last fourteen years, I have had the privilege of working closely with many businesses and their owners, right across the Estate. That unique education can only be gained with time served in the proximity of extraordinary people, running businesses ranging from small cleaning firms, to international manufacturing groups and everything in between.

My aspirations are to deploy a truly world class SMART Estate platform into Winsford Industrial Estate, and to use that platform to find ways to secure and enhance every business here.

Thank you for placing your trust in OneTek!

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